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Live dragon tiger

In the vibrant world of online casino gaming, Live Dragon Tiger stands tall as a game of ferocious intensity and rapid-fire action. At PHWin, we encourage you to explore the essence of this exciting card game, providing players with a captivating encounter that goes beyond the commonplace. Join us as we explore the realm of Dragon Tiger at PHWin, your ultimate destination for live casino excitement.

Dragon Tiger is essentially a streamlined variant of baccarat, making it even simpler than its counterpart. Often referred to as two-card baccarat, this game closely mirrors the rules of traditional baccarat, with the key distinction being that only two cards are drawn per round. In standard Dragon Tiger games, 5-8 decks, each comprised of 52 playing cards, are commonly used.

How to Play Live Dragon Tiger

How to Play Dragon Tiger

When engaging in a game of Dragon Tiger, players need to adhere to the following rules:

  • Dragon Bet: Players emerge victorious if the Dragon position holds the higher hand.
  • Tiger Bet: Victory is claimed when the Tiger position possesses the higher hand.
  • Players who wager on either Dragon or Tiger lose half of their bets in the event of a tie between both positions.
  • Tie Bet: Success is achieved when both positions end up tied.

The core rules align closely with traditional baccarat, ensuring that seasoned baccarat players encounter a familiar gameplay structure. Nevertheless, Live Dragon Tiger introduces distinctions in card values when compared to baccarat.

Live Dragon Tiger Card Values

In Baccarat, numerical cards carry values identical to their numerical figures, excluding 10s, which are denoted as “0.” However, Live Dragon Tiger features a distinct card value system:


Contrary to baccarat’s maximum value of 9, Live Dragon Tiger encompasses card values ranging from 1 to 13. The Ace holds the lowest rank, while the King commands the highest.

Dragon Tiger Bets

Dragon Tiger’s simplicity is reflected in its limited betting options, with some tables offering only Dragon, Tiger, and Tie bets. Additional bets may include:

  • Suited Tie: Win if both sides draw cards with the same value and suit.
  • Tiger Red/Black: Win based on the color of the Tiger side’s drawn card.
  • Dragon Red/Black: Win based on the color of the Dragon side’s drawn card.
  • Tiger Big/Small: Win based on the value of the Tiger side’s drawn card.
  • Dragon Big/Small: Win based on the value of the Dragon side’s drawn card.

In contrast, traditional baccarat tables typically feature Player, Banker, and Tie bets, complemented by variations in side bets such as Big, Small, Bonus, and Super 6.

Live Dragon Tiger Payouts

In Dragon Tiger, payout structures simplify the betting experience when compared to the intricate payouts of Baccarat. Notably, both Dragon and Tiger bets yield identical payouts, eliminating concerns about varying commissions between the two. The standard payouts for the primary bets are as follows:

Tie8:1 or 11:1
Suited Tie50:1

Unlike Baccarat, where the Banker Bet often carries a lower payout than the Player Bet, Live Dragon Tiger maintains parity in payouts between the Dragon and Tiger bets. The Tie bet may exhibit variations across tables, with some offering an 8:1 payout and others enhancing the allure with an 11:1 reward. This slight divergence in payouts does not pose a significant challenge for players familiar with Baccarat, ensuring a smooth transition into the Live Dragon Tiger experience.

Key Considerations When Playing Live Dragon Tiger

Key Considerations When Playing Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger, akin to a simplified version of baccarat, stands out as an exceptionally beginner-friendly card game. Here are essential aspects to keep in mind when delving into this game:

Simplicity and Beginner-Friendly Nature: Live Dragon Tiger offers a straightforward gaming experience, making it ideal for beginners. The game’s mechanics are easy to grasp, with the majority of bets presenting almost 50/50 odds of winning.

Common Strategies from Baccarat Apply: Players familiar with baccarat can seamlessly transition their strategies to Dragon Tiger. The fundamental gameplay and betting principles remain consistent across both games.

Limited Game Variations: Unlike baccarat, where various versions abound, Live Dragon Tiger’s variations are relatively limited. Evolution Gaming is a primary provider, offering titles like Dragon Tiger, Football Studio, and Emperor Live Dragon Tiger. Notably, Football Studio introduces a unique rule, treating the Ace as the highest card and the 2 as the lowest.

Evolution Gaming Exclusivity: Evolution Gaming stands out as the predominant provider of Dragon Tiger games. The availability of alternative titles is minimal, contributing to a standardized gaming experience.

Additional Side Bets for Variety: While the core gameplay remains consistent, some providers introduce variations through additional side bets. Dream Gaming and Pragmatic Play, for instance, include options such as Big/Small, Black/Red, and Odd/Even bets. The inclusion of these side bets introduces an additional level of exhilaration to the game.

Diverse Side Bet Payouts: Among the introduced side bets, there are variations in payouts. Pragmatic Play typically offers 1:1 payouts for side bets, while Dream Gaming provides lower payouts. Players should be aware of these differences when selecting their preferred Dragon Tiger game.

Strategies for Winning in Live Dragon Tiger

Strategies for Winning in Dragon Tiger

Mastering Live Dragon Tiger involves adopting effective strategies to maximize your chances of winning. Here are key tips tailored for success in this simple yet engaging game:

Choose Between Dragon and Tiger: 

Given the identical payouts for Dragon and Tiger bets, the choice between the two is essentially arbitrary. There’s no significant advantage to either, so players can freely select their preferred side.

Embrace the One-Sided Betting System:

  •    Stick to either Dragon or Tiger consistently.
  •    Consider switching bets after a loss to potentially capitalize on a winning streak with the other side.
  •    Enjoy the simplicity, as both bets offer equal payouts, avoiding the commission concerns of baccarat’s Banker bet.

Implement the Flat Betting Strategy:

  •    Bet a fixed amount of money for a specific duration.
  •    Manage losses effectively by limiting the risk amount.
  •    Ideal for use in conjunction with the One-Sided system, irrespective of the chosen bet.

Steer Clear of Tie and Suited Tie Bets:

  •    Despite their tempting high payouts, Tie and Suited Tie bets have low odds of winning.
  •    Avoid these bets due to their infrequent payout occurrence.
  •    If craving a high-risk, high-reward bet, approach Tie bets cautiously and make them occasional rather than frequent.

Master Bankroll Management:

  •    Essential for all gamblers, effective bankroll management is crucial in simple games where losses can accumulate quickly.
  •    Set a dedicated budget for casino gaming.
  •    Establish a bankroll and determine the amount to bet per stake to prevent excessive losses.

By employing these strategies, players can enhance their gameplay in Live Dragon Tiger, maintaining control over their betting decisions and increasing the likelihood of a positive gaming experience.


Yes, Dragon Tiger is often considered a simplified version of Baccarat, sharing fundamental gameplay rules but distinct in its two-card drawing mechanism.

The primary bets in Dragon Tiger are on Dragon, Tiger, and Tie. Players can choose between Dragon and Tiger, both offering 1:1 payouts, while the Tie bet provides higher payouts but is less likely to win.

Absolutely. Many strategies from Baccarat, such as the one-sided betting system, can be applied to Dragon Tiger due to their similar gameplay. However, be mindful of the minor differences.

The one-sided betting system involves consistently choosing either Dragon or Tiger for each round. Players may switch bets after a loss to potentially capitalize on a winning streak with the other side.


Dragon Tiger emerges as a compelling and accessible card game, offering a simplified yet engaging alternative to traditional Baccarat. With its two-card drawing mechanism and straightforward gameplay, players, whether beginners or seasoned gamblers, can quickly grasp the rules and enjoy the near 50/50 odds provided by Dragon and Tiger bets.

The game’s simplicity allows for the seamless application of strategies commonly employed in Baccarat, making it familiar terrain for those already well-versed in phwin casino gaming. The absence of a commission fee on Dragon and Tiger bets adds to the game’s appeal, promoting an uncomplicated and transparent wagering experience.